In less than two weeks, I will be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 14 & 15, and it’s FREE to attend, It is the largest comic convention for independent and alternative comics in Canada with 20 countries participating. So if you are looking for something to do, come on by as I will have a number of my comics for sale and any support is appreciated. Thanks.


Men Can’t Show Nipples

Our favourite Storyteller is back; telling us a story of a time when men had to cover their tops at the beach! This is not an April Fool’s joke. Seriously.
Beachwear for Men001
Beachwear for Men002
Beachwear for Men003
Beachwear for Men004
Beachwear for Men005
Beachwear for Men006

Wearing Braces

This story is from a real-life situation that was told to me. Shortest story I ever did.


R.I.P. David Bowie

When David Bowie passed away recently. I, like everyone else, was shocked. I was influenced not only by David Bowie’s music but his art. When I saw his last music video, “Lazarus”, I was inspired and came up with this comic to show my appreciation to the life and art this man made. New update will be posted in a couple of weeks but in the meanwhile, I do hope you will enjoy this.

Ziggy Stardust001 copy
Ziggy Stardust002 copy
Ziggy Stardust003 copy
Ziggy Stardust004 copy
Ziggy Stardust005 copy

l’Association Part 2

The Conclusion. Also a side note, I will be exhibiting at the Toronto Comics Art Festival this year where I will have a comic with my stories for sale. For more information, click on

What If-L'Association011
What If-L'Association012
What If-L'Association013
What If-L'Association014
What If-L'Association015
What If-L'Association016
What If-L'Association017
What If-L'Association018
What If-L'Association019
What If-L'Association020
What If-L'Association021
What If-L'Association022

L’Association Part 1

I begin 2016 with a “What If” story. This is the longest one I have done so far so it is in two parts. Enjoy.

What If Intro
What If-L'Association001
What If-L'Association002
What If-L'Association003
What If-L'Association004
What If-L'Association005
What If-L'Association006
What If-L'Association007
What If-L'Association008
What If-L'Association009
What If-L'Association010

The Sensitive Physician(?)

A year ago today my wife ended up in the hospital with stomach pains. We found out later that she had developed sensitivities to certain foods but as always, life throws you into situations that are very humorous. This was one of them:

Visit to a Specialist001 copy
Visit to a Specialist002 copy
Visit to a Specialist003 copy
Visit to a Specialist004 copy
Visit to a Specialist005 copy
Visit to a Specialist006 copy


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