l’Association Part 2

The Conclusion. Also a side note, I will be exhibiting at the Toronto Comics Art Festival this year where I will have a comic with my stories for sale. For more information, click on http://torontocomics.com/

What If-L'Association011
What If-L'Association012
What If-L'Association013
What If-L'Association014
What If-L'Association015
What If-L'Association016
What If-L'Association017
What If-L'Association018
What If-L'Association019
What If-L'Association020
What If-L'Association021
What If-L'Association022

L’Association Part 1

I begin 2016 with a “What If” story. This is the longest one I have done so far so it is in two parts. Enjoy.

What If Intro
What If-L'Association001
What If-L'Association002
What If-L'Association003
What If-L'Association004
What If-L'Association005
What If-L'Association006
What If-L'Association007
What If-L'Association008
What If-L'Association009
What If-L'Association010

The Sensitive Physician(?)

A year ago today my wife ended up in the hospital with stomach pains. We found out later that she had developed sensitivities to certain foods but as always, life throws you into situations that are very humorous. This was one of them:

Visit to a Specialist001 copy
Visit to a Specialist002 copy
Visit to a Specialist003 copy
Visit to a Specialist004 copy
Visit to a Specialist005 copy
Visit to a Specialist006 copy


What If Intro
What If-Independent001
What If-Independent002
What If-Independent003
What If-Independent004
What If-Independent005
What If-Independent006
What If-Independent007
What If-Independent008
What If-Independent009
What If-Independent010
What If-Independent011
What If-Independent012
What If-Independent013
What If-Independent014

What If- Bleak Future

What If Intro
What If-Bleak Future001
What If-Bleak Future002
What If-Bleak Future003
What If-Bleak Future004
What If-Bleak Future005 What If-Bleak Future006
What If-Bleak Future007

What If #1: Down the Animation Trail

What If Intro
What If-Animation001
What If-Animation002
What If-Animation003
What If-Animation004
What If-Animation005
What If-Animation006
What If-Animation007
What If-Animation008
What If-Animation009
What If-Animation010
What If-Animation011

The Cheese Poet

Cheese Poet001 copy
Cheese Poet002 copy
Cheese Poet003 copy
Cheese Poet004 copy


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