Hello All;

Took a while but finally got my Patreon Page up and running, . As I stated last month, while I love doing this webcomic , like every artist I am in need of cash, to be paid for my work and I can’t continuously do my webcomic for free so I set up Patreon. If you have enjoyed my webcomic these past years, please DO consider supporting me and I have two options set up:

  1. For $2.00 a month, you will have exclusive access to my webcomics and will get a personal thank you from me.
  2. For $8.00 a month, you will have exclusive access to my webcomics, a personal thank you from me, and will be in a draw each month to win a comic page from that month. I will make it fair by setting it that once one person wins a page, that person will then be off the list to give others opportunity to win a page. Once I go through all the patrons, everyone will go back into the pool and I will start over again.

For Patreon, I will have two pages posted twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for a total of 8 pages a month. For my first posting, a graphic novel inspired by my trip to Amsterdam I call “An Amsterdam State of Mind” Here is the cover and thank you for your support.



Hello All; UNTITLED¬† has come to an end and apologize for the abrupt ending. I was trying to come up with another comic but got so busy I didn’t have the time so I need to end it here. Why end it? Mainly it is the cost: having to post a webcomic every month and having to pay for materials and time out of my own pocket has become very difficult for me; also being a father of two young kids, and having to constantly scramble for freelance artwork is a constant struggle but I LOVE making comics, in this webcomics, and I WANT to continue doing it but need to get paid for it! So, here is my solution: I am going to set up a Patreon account in January 2019. If you have enjoyed my webcomics and wish to see more, please do consider supporting me (I will post all the information here in January 2019). On Patreon, I will be posting two pages a week and, depending on how much you are willing to donate on a monthly basis, each month you will be put on a random draw where you will win ONE ORIGINAL PAGE AND WILL BE MAILED TO YOU. Once you win a page, I will need to discard your name in order to give others opportunity to win. But once everyone gets a page, I will put everyone’s name back into the proverbial hat and continue with the random draw. I feel that is the fairest way I can be to everyone. There will be other rewards including commissioned art. Let me end this with a sneak peek at the next webcomic which is more of a web-graphic novel inspired by my trip to Amsterdam titled “An Amsterdam State of Mind”. A middle age illustrator is questioning his life choice of being an artist, he travels to Amsterdam where he hopes the trip will revitalize him by visiting various museums and comic book shops. He comes to an epiphany and returns home thankful of his trip and is ready to continue on with his life. Done in a painterly, fiction, travelogue, diary style, this web-graphic novel will continue to use the style I have come up with, ‘Sequential Surrealism’. Thank you all, do hope you have all enjoyed UNTITLED and look forward to seeing everyone again in 2019. Ciao for now.

It Will Make Me Happy

This next comic was actually part of the Fumetto Comic Festival in Luzern, Switzerland this past year. It was a huge thrill for my work to be part of this festival. So, enjoy it.

In a Cafe

This short story is based on a true situation that happened when I was in Amsterdam.

Comics: Story and Art SHOULD Go Together

The Storyteller is back and decides to use his time preaching that story and art HAVE to work together to make good comics. Based on comments I find really upsetting!


Concept of Death

I was looking to do something different so I decided to change my layout page for this month and try to use a poetic type of comic. For some reason, the idea of death hit me so I went with it.

Society These Days

Finally! Sorry about the delay but here is this month’s one page¬†webcomic, shortest story I ever did. Guess I had something in mind when I did this one.