Vacation Part 2

Vacation Part2 01
Vacation Part2 02
Vacation Part2 03
Vacation Part2 04
Vacation Part2 05

Vacation Part 1

Vacation Part1 01
Vacation Part1 02
Vacation Part1 03
Vacation Part1 04
Vacation Part1 05

The Hammer to Fall

Happy 2015 and to start off the new year, this story was inspired by a song from Queen titled “Hammer Will Fall”.

Queen Song001 copy
Queen Song002 copy
Queen Song003 copy
Queen Song004 copy
Queen Song005 copy
Queen Song006 copy
Queen Song007 copy
Queen Song008 copy

I Love Quebec

I Love Quebec001 copy
I Love Quebec002 copy
I Love Quebec003 copy
I Love Quebec004 copy
I Love Quebec005 copy

The Storyteller: Hans

The Storyteller-Hans 001 copy The Storyteller-Hans 002 copy
The Storyteller-Hans 003 copy3
The Storyteller-Hans 004 copy
The Storyteller-Hans 005 copy
The Storyteller-Hans 006 copy
The Storyteller-Hans 007 copy
The Storyteller-Hans 008 copy
The Storyteller-Hans 009 copy

“Burned Out” Conclusion

Burn Out Pt5001 copy
Burn Out Pt5002 copy
Burn Out Pt5003 copy
Burn Out Pt5004 copy
Burn Out Pt5005 copy
Burn Out Pt5006 copy

Burned Out Part 4

Burn Out Pt4001 copy

Burn Out Pt4002 copy

Burn Out Pt4003 copy

Burn Out Pt4004 copy

Burn Out Pt4005 copy

Burn Out Pt4006 copy

Burn Out Pt4007 copy

Burn Out Pt4008 copy

Burn Out Pt4009 copy

Burn Out Pt4010 copy


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