Concept of Death

I was looking to do something different so I decided to change my layout page for this month and try to use a poetic type of comic. For some reason, the idea of death hit me so I went with it.


Society These Days

Finally! Sorry about the delay but here is this month’s one page¬†webcomic, shortest story I ever did. Guess I had something in mind when I did this one.


(Due to computer problems, the newest webcomic will be delayed by a couple of days. Hope it will be rectified soon).

Not sure what state I was in when I did this story. Please don’t ask.

DIY Cosplayers

I came across an interesting article in Broken Pencil magazine about a new movement: DIY (Do It Yourselves) cosplayers about people who come up with their own characters and create costumes for the character they created. So naturally I did a comic about our artist friend being inspired by them. Enjoy.

The Zine Experience

I did this comic after exhibiting at Canzine Toronto in 2017.

Don’t Judge Me

This is a true story that happened to me when I was 26 and took a bus to New Jersey.

Being Authentic

This story is from a true life situation where I overheard two people talking while I was in a café. It reminded me of something that was taught to us while I was attending the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art, Inc. My instructor was the late great Joe Kubert. I miss him.