In a Cafe

This short story is based on a true situation that happened when I was in Amsterdam.


Comics: Story and Art SHOULD Go Together

The Storyteller is back and decides to use his time preaching that story and art HAVE to work together to make good comics. Based on comments I find really upsetting!


Concept of Death

I was looking to do something different so I decided to change my layout page for this month and try to use a poetic type of comic. For some reason, the idea of death hit me so I went with it.

Society These Days

Finally! Sorry about the delay but here is this month’s one page¬†webcomic, shortest story I ever did. Guess I had something in mind when I did this one.


(Due to computer problems, the newest webcomic will be delayed by a couple of days. Hope it will be rectified soon).

Not sure what state I was in when I did this story. Please don’t ask.

DIY Cosplayers

I came across an interesting article in Broken Pencil magazine about a new movement: DIY (Do It Yourselves) cosplayers about people who come up with their own characters and create costumes for the character they created. So naturally I did a comic about our artist friend being inspired by them. Enjoy.

The Zine Experience

I did this comic after exhibiting at Canzine Toronto in 2017.