Hello All;

Took a while but finally got my Patreon Page up and running, https://www.patreon.com/CGhirardo . As I stated last month, while I love doing this webcomic , like every artist I am in need of cash, to be paid for my work and I can’t continuously do my webcomic for free so I set up Patreon. If you have enjoyed my webcomic these past years, please DO consider supporting me and I have two options set up:

  1. For $2.00 a month, you will have exclusive access to my webcomics and will get a personal thank you from me.
  2. For $8.00 a month, you will have exclusive access to my webcomics, a personal thank you from me, and will be in a draw each month to win a comic page from that month. I will make it fair by setting it that once one person wins a page, that person will then be off the list to give others opportunity to win a page. Once I go through all the patrons, everyone will go back into the pool and I will start over again.

For Patreon, I will have two pages posted twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for a total of 8 pages a month. For my first posting, a graphic novel inspired by my trip to Amsterdam I call “An Amsterdam State of Mind” Here is the cover and thank you for your support.