The following items are for sale. If interested, please contact CGhirardo at There will be a postage and handling fee added to each items purchased, you will get a receipt via email once the order has been placed. Please include the following:
-Name and Mailing Address(including postal code and country)


“NOW & THEN: ITALY WAS, IS, WILL BE” $8.00, Black & White:a travelogue/diary about my two week trip seeing my family in Italy as a married man with two young children. I deal with nostalgia of when I use to live there and my present life.
Front Cover  Italy1311

Italy14  Italy15

“?ART-IN THE UNREAL OF HENRY DARGER” $15.00, Paintings, Black & White, and Text: experimental comic that looks at the life of the most famous self-taught Outsider artist, Henry Darger. This comic also explores and questions what makes an artist.
Heny Darger Front Cover copy    HDPage 05    HDPage 07

HDPage 11 Heny Darger 31

“DRAWN TOWARDS A HAPPY ENDING” $10.00, Paintings: autobiographical comic about my childhood interest in drawing comics, leaving comics, and then coming back to comics years later.

Happy Ending Front Cover  Happy Ending page03  Happy Ending page06

Happy Ending page15Happy Ending page17

“CAIO” Black and white: Semi-autobiographical graphic novel that explores middle age angst and insecurity.


Caio007 copy  Caio008 copy Caio001 copy Caio002 copy

“SUPERFIGHT #1” $6.00, Black and white graphic novel: A parody on the 60’s/70’s super hero comics as a busker is robbed by a super villain, then stopped by a super hero, then that super hero is attacked by a super villain then that villain is stopped by a super hero with a hilarious ending.

SuperFight CoverSuperFight004


SuperFight018       SuperFight035



CAIO #3: Painted. The continuing, humorous, semi-autobiographical story of a 50 year old man who is dealing with middle-age anxiety and insecurities.

Caio 01 copy Caio 02 copy









Caio 11 copy Caio 12 copy




















SUPERFIGHT#2: Black and White Graphic Novel. The continuing series parodying the 60’s/70’s super hero comics. The group of super heroes decide to form a super team but first have to deal with a super villain who has all of their super powers (naturally).


























DEATH WRITES HIS MEMOIRS: Painted. Humorous comic of Death writing his memoirs and telling the readers how he first met his wife, Life.

Death meets Life001 Death meets Life002

Death meets Life003 Death meets Life004



















Original artworks done in watercolor and pencil.
2.5×3.5 -$2.00 each

Chester Brown copy  Chester Brown 02 copy  Seth 02 copy  Seth 02 copy

Chester Brown     Chester Brown        Seth                        Seth

Kate Beaton 01 copy  Erika Moen copy  Erika Moen 01 copy  Lucy knisley copy

Kate Beaton          Erika Moen          Erika Moen       Lucy Knisley

5X7 -$6.00 each

Harvey Pekar copy  Sarah Glidden copy  Jeff Lemire 02 copy

Harvey Pekar                     Sarah Glidden                  Jeff Lemire

Kate Beaton 02 copy  Kate Beaton 03 copy  Nate Powell 02 copy

Kate Beaton       Kate Beaton      Nate Powell

Moebius copy  Jeff Lemire 01 copy  Adrian Tomine copy  Guy Delisle copy

Moebius             Jeff Lemire      Adrian Tomine     Guy Delisle

Originals done on computer, 5×7 -$5.00 each

Th(is) a Drawin copy01Death Writes copy01

oneside copy01